Fabrication services available in our Jersey workshop

Jersey Welding

Raffray Limited offers full welding facilities with Gas, T.I.G., M.M.A. and M.I.G. capabilities. All processes can be carried out either on site or in our workshop dependent on application. We can weld most materials including the following:

  • Mild Steel
  • Cast Iron (dependent on application)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass

Welding Consumables

All types of M.M.A welding rods, T.I.G. rods and M.I.G wire are offered at very competitive prices, with most being stock items.

Gloves, screens, tongs, clamps, cables and an array of welding set replacement items (liners, tungsten etc.) are also available, as are welding generator sets which can be offered at attractive discounts.

Plate Guillotining, Folding & Rolling

Our Jersey workshop has mild steel guillotining capacity for thicknesses up to 6mm and lengths up to 3 metres. We can also cut several other materials.

Our plate folding capacity covers materials up to 10mm thick by 1 metre long, or 6mm by 2.5 metres with most metals.

We also perform cold rolling of various plates to any diameter. Plates up to 6mm thick x 1220mm wide can be rolled to any radius/diameter, with the same capabilities available for smaller widths of thicker plates.


Raffray Limited has workstation capacity to crop, cut, notch and punch various metals up to 13mm in thickness. We also have the common dies to punch key holes, round and square holes and slots in several materials.

Repairs, Fitting Work & Fabrication

Our workshop offers on-site welding and cutting for all metals, including stainless steel, with all work carried out by our certified Jersey welding staff.

We can quote for structural steel work on large projects (supply-only basis), as well as for small to medium sized projects (supply and fit basis). Raffray Limited will fabricate any item to order in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or copper and can implement fitting for these works on site if required.

Our state-of-the-art workshop facilities enable us to turn out the same high standard of work that has been associated with Raffray Limited for over 140 years.


We offer a very high standard of machining work. The build up and re-machining of worn shafts to size being one of the most common tasks undertaken by our staff.

Hole drilling for widths of up to 3 inches in diameter is also available, and machining of larger holes can be undertaken using various boring tools.

We carry a large stock of bronze and can machine bushes, shafts and pins to customer requirements.

Our stock also includes stainless steel and aluminium round bars.

(Pins and shafts available in grades EN1A – EN19T, from 3/16 to 13inch diameter)

Boiler Installation & Maintenance

Raffray Limited has a long history working with steam plants and pipefitting. To date, the largest installation we’ve completed was a steam boiler with a rating of 2.2 million btu.

We provide regular servicing and repairs to boiler installations for many Jersey companies, and all work is undertaken to the satisfaction of an insurance inspector.

Pipework & Fittings

We stock a large range of welding flanges, pipes and fittings up to 6 inches (150mm), in addition to screwed pipe and galvanized steel fittings up to 4 inches (100mm).

Our pipe fitting team is fully conversant with all types of pipe work including plastic, steel screwed, steel welded, stainless steel and copper.


Raffray Limited can supply, fit and renovate any type of pump. Our Jersey staff has time-tested experience in this field with jobs large and small. The largest pump we’ve renovated had a capacity of 120,000 gallons per hour.

We also carry out the removal and wintering of pumps for protection against frost damage during the winter months.

Shutter Doors, Security Doors & Grills

We will supply, fit or repair any kind of rolling shutter or folding door, whether manual or automatic, and can implement functionalities such as radio and sensor operation. Should you require extra safety in the event of an accident, we also supply fire rated steel doors to fit access doorways for personnel.

Grills for window security are available in both plain and ornamental designs and can be fitted by our staff if required.

Machinery, Plant Repairs & Maintenance

Servicing for all types of machineries and plants are regularly undertaken by Raffray Limited’s skilled engineers, and we offer a full breakdown service available 24-hours a day. Most machinery parts are serviceable, but if repair isn’t a cost effective option we can obtain the appropriate new parts from our suppliers.

Machinery & Plant Installation

Raffray Limited has been associated with machinery positioning and installation for years, and has been responsible for installations where single items weigh 25 tonnes and where values have exceeded £2 million.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Jersey

From ornamental hand railings to 10,000-gallon fluid holding tanks, our Jersey engineers can fabricate any item in stainless steel. We can also design and fabricate:

  • Plates
  • Brackets
  • Ladders
  • Angles
  • Lintels
  • Beams

We typically fabricate stainless steel in either 316 or 304 grade, and can carry out special one-off jobs if required.

Oxy Acetylene/Propane Equipment

Hoses, cutters, nozzles, gauges and flashback arrestors are all held as stock items and are very competitively priced. An exchange service is available for most gauge types.

Gauges for other gases such as Argon and Nitrogen are also available.

Bearings, Belts, Pulleys, Couplings & Seals

We hold a wide range of bearings, belts and pulleys in stock. Any item not immediately available in our Jersey workshop can usually be obtained from our supplier within 24 hours or less, provided your order is placed before 4 P.M.

Couplings and seals are also available on the same 24-hour service and, if required, a machining and fitting service are available.

Nuts & Bolts

Stainless and mild steel nuts, bolts, set screws and threaded rods are held in stock at Raffray Limited, in addition to non-preferred threads such as B.S.F, U.N.F and Whitworth.

Larger bolts and items not held as stock can usually be obtained from our suppliers with overnight or next day delivery being possible with most orders.

Contact us today to find out more about the services offered at Raffray Limited.

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